Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00 – Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00

Exhibition and Congress Center Lienzo Norte

Avenida de Madrid, 102 · 05001 Ávila

GPS coordinates: 40° 39′ 37″ N   4° 42′ 24″ O

The 16th and 17th September 2023, we want to make Avila the Mecca for radio communication enthusiasts. The main objective of the 6rd national radio communications fair is to offer as many different options as possible in electronics and makers, to fans of ham radio, CB, and communications in general.


Our aim is to make the fair the biggest in Spain and one of the most important in Europe, for the radio industry to show off their products, and for buyers to take advantage to try and buy. Radio hams, CBers, and two way enthusiasts from all over Spain meet here every year. We look forward to having more national and international exhibitors and organizations to help give a wider and more complete vision of the hobby.



Radio hams and electronics enthusiasts will be able to find technology and equipment in the different stands: test gear, antennas, accessories and electro technology, as well as hardware, software, and electronic components.

For those who like playing around and building things, there will be plenty of cheap second hand rigs and accessories together with spare parts in the popular second hand flea market.



Thanks to the collaboration of the culture office of the city chambers, and to be more precise Ms Sonsoles Sánchez Reyes, person in charge, IberRadio will be held at LIENZO NORTE, Avenida de Madrid, 102 · 05001 Ávila, the exhibition and conference centre, at Avda de Madrid 102 05001 Avila. The centre is very well equipped, with large conference and meeting rooms.



Lienzo norte is very well situated, looking out over the emblematic old city wall. This moment is an important part of the city which was declared an UNESCO human patrimony site in 1985.

The centre itself is considered as an adaptation of the land. The rooms and spaces, which total around 10.000m2, are organized in a natural way in the interior, where the richness of space is a fundamental objective. The building is surrounded by different spaces, which complement its use as a conference centre. It has a large explanade out front, measuring 1700m2, looking out onto the city walls, which can be used for open-air events.

Behind the building is a free car park of 13000m2 available for those attending the fair.

Avila, a city where you can find patrimony, history, art, gastronomy, mystery, cultura, nature, and festivals. Avila is a mediaeval city, of three cultures, world heritage, and the jewish network. Avila is a modern city, with quality tourism, comfort, vanguardist, with accessible and social tourism.

Walls, houses, palaces, temples, convents, all of these make up the rich heritage of the city, fruit of a rich historical past of the cultures the coincided there. History, art, mystic, traditions, gastronomy, and nature, come together to offer visitors a rich experience during their stay.

The image of the mediaeval city is the city wall that surrounds it, which in the case of Avila is much more than a symbolic representation, it is the monument which configures and explains it.

The city reached its greatest splendour in the 16th century, it is the coty of mystic and spirituality, whose best exponent is Teresa de Cepeda y Ahumada. If we take a teresian route we will go from gothic to renaissance, from Manierism to Baroque through the life and work of out most universal saint.

Avila is a place of party and tradition. Most of these have a religious origin, but there is also a pagan note to them. There are other festive acts which add to the strictly religious ones, deeply rooted in the customs and habits of the city.

The visitor who comes to Avila should plan their visit with time. At different times of the day, the light will give the architecture different hues. A thematic route can be followed, but you can also visit it in a disorderly way, discovering each street, in each square, a building, a cornice, a window, a story, a legend, a bar, anything that will invite you to return.

Form this window open onto the world we invite you to get to know a different city that won’t leave you indifferent.

Avila – Links of interest

Avila – Multimedia links

Amateur Radio


Communication and experimentation. This is amateur radio. These ar the reasons for which people from all walks of like become radio amateurs. Old or young, all enjoy the emotion of contacting and exchanging ideas with people from all over the world. Its almost impossible to describe in words the excitement which you get from making your own equipment of finishing making a new circuit to improve your station.

All amateur stations have a callsign which is issued by the administration. The callsign prefixes are allotted on a worldwide basis by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). For example, the callsigns which begin with AM-AO, EA-EH, belong to Spain.

Radio amateurs are proud of their callsigns which are inseparable in the minds of their friends. Barry, K7UGA from Arizona has “worked” (talked to) thousands of amateurs on the air. Many of them are unaware that they are talking to Mr Goldwater, ex Senator of the United States. King Juan Carlos 1 of Spain is also an amateur, and his friends on the air know him simply as EA0JC. Other famous amateurs are ex Italian president Francesco Cossiga I0FCG, ex president of Argentina Carlos Menem LU1SM, and the now deceased King Hussein of Jordan, JY1. And while there are kings, famous politicians and artists with licences, there are amateurs from all walks of life, and of all ages, from young children to advanced age.

Amateurs send and receive signals using radioelectric shortwave transmitters and receivers, in bands especially reserved for their use, as well as in VHF and UHF, that is, very high and Ultra High frequencies. Apart from voice and morese code, they also use modes such as wireless teletype and television. They also have artificial satellities to use for making contacts.

Amateurs can use their stations for public service, without any interest apart from the common good, collaborating in rescue missions, prevention, looking for medicine, forest fires, and any kind of emergency where their collaboration can be useful and justified.

Amateurs do not always have a background in electronics but soon after becoming licensed usually have a better than average idea of communications and are expert operators. If we take this into consideration together with the fact that there are more than 3 million licenced amateurs worldwide, its not difficult to come to the conclusion that this is the most modern and effective emergency network any country could fund.

  • IberRadio 2023 - We continue betting on the future of amateur radio
    Do you want to continue learning and experimenting?. Visit our different workshops, presentations, and activities that we’re organizing. One more year we will have spaces dedicated to the youngest.
  • IberRadio 2023 - The big names, manufacturers and shops will once again be present
    Check out the newest offerings in the radio world presented by distributors and manufacturers, and have a hands-on try of the lastest rigs and accesories on the market
  • IberRadio 2023 - All sorts of material available
    The main distributors, producers, and shops will be present, with space for all kinds of new and used products.
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  • HAM RADIO: A thrilling world
    Come and find out what Ham radio is all about, and its contribution to both individuals and society.
  • IberRadio 2023 - Presentations and activities
    Do you want to continue learning and experimenting? Visit our different workshops, presentations, and activities that we’re organizing.
    Discover the role of radio amateurs in catastrophe cases and their contribution to the society.
  • IberRadio 2023 - Flea Market
    This year we will have a much larger area available for the flea market. If you’re interested in selling those things that you have collecting dust on a shelf in your shack, you can get a stand for very reasonable rates.

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